Success Stories & Case Studies
Here are just a few of the many success stories from students enrolled in Funnel Consultant Society. 
Eugene Created a Facebook Ads Agency Making $10,000 Month On the Side of His 9-5 Job
Eugene hails from Australia and has a great story. While working 40 hours a week at his corporate job he enrolled in our program and focused on clients in the wedding niche. Using the strategies in the program, he secured several new clients. Most impressively he brought one of those clients 90 leads in 30 days which turned into over 100k for that client!
Andrew Mcburney lands 4 Clients with $17 Ad Spend
Andrew was one of the first students to enroll in Funnel Consultant Society. He was previously an SEO expert but was quick to recognize that Facebook ads are in higher demand and produce faster results. With just $17 ad spend Andrew secured 4 new clients in his niche. These are not customers, these are clients to his agency!
Shujain Landed 3 Clients in 7 Days From Pakistan. These were clients based in the United States.
Shujain came to prove to everyone that your location doesn't matter when it comes to Facebook ads. Hailing from Pakistan he used the client attraction training module to secure 3 clients in the United States in his first 7 days. 
Gabrial Matthias Sim lands 3 huge real estate investment sales & cuts his cost per lead in half.
Gabriel is unique from the other case studies because he is an excellent Facebook advertiser.
He has experience spending over $100,000/year for a luxury real estate investment firm and was getting them results. However his cost per lead was around $150. This is impressive considering these leads are investing in properties that range from $200k on past a million. 
Then Gabriel decided to join Funnel Consultant Society.

Now, his cost per lead comes in around $50. He literally cut his cost per lead in half and now has doubled lead production for his client using the same ad budget.

Just 2 days into Funnel Consultant Society and Gabriel generated 3 new buyers for his real estate investment client that purchased several hundred thousand dollars in real estate. 

Gabriel is a perfect example of what happens when you follow the templates, watch the training immediately, & take action.
Cory Gray Crushes Leads for a Concrete Business & Believes This Works in Any Niche Now
Cory had never run Facebook ads before. He joined Funnel Consultant Society, watched the videos, and landed his 1st client. This client owns a concrete business. A touch niche for lead gen one might think.

Cory launches his 1st campaign and within minutes leads began to pour in. By the end of the first day Cory's leads had generated a high ticket sale and the rest is history. Now he knows he can tackle any niche. 
Paul Milway on Track for $150k In 2 weeks after switching from SEO
Paul has been an SEO expert for 5 years. His agency never really took off and clients were here and there. He was making it by.

But then he joined Funnel Consultant Society, followed the copy and paste templates and boom!
Paul's first ad campaign has generated 15 high value & quality leads within the real estate investing niche.
He's already closed 1 deal worth $30k and believes he'll hit $150k worth of business from just 2 weeks of running his 1st Ad campaign. That's the power of speed. And FB ads allow you to go fast!
Cody West cuts the cost per lead in half for a Large Insurance Agency Client
Cody works at a well known digital marketing agency and is a contributing author to huge media such as SEMrush. 

His agency was approached by a large insurance agency who was upset at the cost per lead of their current marketing campaign. Cody pitched them on a Facebook ads campaign and the results left the client star struck.

Cody cut the cost per lead in half from what the insurance agency was previously paying on this very first ad campaign ever. And now, their agency is primed to deliver results to even bigger clients!
John Hozjan lands 4 new clients & now have full pipeline.
John is a young gun around the age of 23 years old. He's been working to build a company and brand for himself online.

After a few years with decent results he joined our tribe in Funnel Consultant Society. Fast forward a few months and John now has 4 clients and a pipeline full of leads. 

He simply watched the training and followed the blueprint. Nothing more, nothing less. 
But Wait... the Reviews Keep Coming
Please read the reviews carefully. These were not requested. 
We can't fit all the reviews on one page. You get the point. But if you'd like to read more. We have 100's here. 
Now here's what to do Next:
Ask yourself this. 

Am I struggling to get clients? Are my current marketing campaigns performing poorly? Should I have a system to follow to strategically grow my business? 

Should I learn something new anything new that will propel me forward? Should I step out of my comfort zone to grow? 

If you answered yes to any of the above; then it is time to make a move. 

That move is joining Funnel Consultant Society. 
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