The Best Business Model of The Decade!
Launch a Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ad Agency In 30 Days from home... 
Without needing any online experience, upfront capital, or special sales skills.
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Dino Gomez here 
7 Figure digital marketer standing a staggering 5'5" on a good day...

With boots on....

And an extra pair of insoles to give me another half inch...

Enough about me...

How would you like to:

*Be free
*Make your own schedule permanently 
*Demonstrate to your family you're a super hero during this crisis
*Travel the world anytime (once the virus passes)
*Give your haters a "told ya so" smile
*Laugh at money worries
*Try new things
*Make new friends
*Help business owners
*Master the most valuable skillset online
*Be a super mom or dad always there for your kids?

Sound interesting? 

Kinda fun? 


First, let me show ya we're real. 

Our Members Are Landing Clients During The Coronavirus Epidemic!

Using New Offers & Sales Strategies Only Shared with Our Community! 
Here are the results of our tested private strategies. 

Back to what I was saying....

Here's a few photos of us at a meet-up event Chiang Mai, Thailand.
And a few more photos of us at the conference.

Name badges n all. 
Next event, San Diego California. 

Known as America's finest city. 

In just a few months. 

Once this Virus passes over... because it will.
Then we have a Europe event next year. 

A southeast Asia meetup in the works...

And a Mexico event comin'. 

Maybe a city in your hood too.

Now, you don't have to attend these meetups.

Just sayin' you might want to. 

Cuz crazy things are happenin'

And reviews are flyin' at us left n right.  
Won't show ya all of em. 

Would take too long. 

Just a few reviews....

To prove this stuff works. 

Since you're prob more skeptical & paranoid than my dad is bout' traveling outside the country.

Because, there's so many options out there. 

People pitchin' Shopify.

And drop shipping. 

And the funniest one, "rank n rent with SEO."

Like, who wants to spend thousands of dollars before any ROI?

Or worse, wait 6 months for results?  

That's what these models require ya to do.

They want you to wait for results or worse spend money upfront.

With no guarantee of returns.

It's why only 1% of em are successful. 

Each "strategy" with major faults. 

I'll break it down. 

Like with Ecommerce.

Pshhh, no thanks.

Competition is way too high. 

With margins too thin.

Like really?

You want to me sell the same product a million other people are selling?

And spend my own money on ads? 

And A/B test my store layout. 

What is an A/B test anyways?

Sounds like a blood transfusion. 

Then there's Dropshipping 

This is the same sh*t as ecommerce. 

Like lowering my margins even further...

By having somebody else do the shipping will solve everything.

Sorry, I'm not sorry.

But, no thanks.

And Rank N Rent SEO 


You're joking me right? 

Organic real estate is shrinkin' by the day. 

Directory sites like Yelp are everywhere.

Be copping all the serp spots. 

And Adwords keeps pushing sites down even further.

On top of that you expect me to spend $1,000's of my own money in order to: 

-Build a website
-Write content
-Build links

And then wait 6 months before my site ranks in Google?

And then I still have to find a client?

Just to have Google update & ruin everything in a second....

Ya'll must be jokin' about that business model.

(FYI, Google has frozen local SEO results because of Covid-19... this is why we keep saying our business model is recession proof... we don't play on dangerous platforms. ) 

And then there's those people pitchin' "Client SEO". 


You want me to tell a moving company to pay me $1,000/month for 6 months....

 ...before they see a single lead or new customer?


I'm sure they will be racing to grab their credit card now.



There's good news.

There is a new business model that works.

Not just for me.

Worked for 10 others...

Excuse me, 100's of others.

Sorry, workin' for 1000's of others, right now. 

As in 2020.

During the Coronavirus outbreak.

Works fast too!

As in you'll get paid before ya start.

More on that later.

Like, people are makin' money...

Before they know what they are even doing.

Lol, Jun's first post in our group. 
Real talk. 

Don't even have to be good at "sales". 

Just follow our templates. 

And use our proprietary software. 

Yup, the one none of our competitors have. 

Then... deliver leads to businesses instantly.

By copying n pasting away. 

We hold your hand along the way.

But, you get to be the hero...

And change the lives of the clients you select.  

And nothing feels better....  

Than growing businesses' & gettin' paid. 

It's like something to be proud of.

Might even tell yo wife & kids about it. 

Like Jeremiah.... on DAY 1 of his campaign.

All the while....

You'll get to hang out with our tribe.

Our elite group.

Of progressive thinker's.

Make friends, attend meetups, have drinks'.

Cuz, we're not stuck in 2005. 

We know the internet changes quickly. 

Which is why our program is elusive.

Updates constantly. 

Keepin' our inner circle always 1 step in front....

More reason to celebrate. 

Laughter and drinks anyone? 

We're certainly not going to let some "VIRUS" stop us from building friendships & business partnership with other entrepreneurs at a time like this. 
So What Is This Business Model Exactly Dino? 
Glad ya asked. 

It's an evergreen model.

One that will be round for a long time. 

And one that is working RIGHT NOW amidst Covid-19.

You know Jessica, your sister's friend (the good looking friend) always posting about her real estate listings on social media.  

Joe, the flooring contractor.... does nice epoxy garage floor coverings.

Tyrone... the mortgage broker? 

Ashley... who makes her own jewelry?  

Yeah those good folks.

Small business owners....

We bring them leads. 

And more customers.

Help make their business virtual (during an outbreak like this one).

And they pay us errry month for it.

Not $500/month either.

Big money. 

Real coin. 

$1,000/month when you're feeling generous.

$3,000/month when you're well rested.


$7,000/month and up when they drive a fancier car than you. 

You: Wait, one second.

Clients pay $7,000/month for lead generation?

Me: Ummmmm.... 



I'm sorry.

Let me rephrase that. 

Sometimes they pay more. 

You: Ok, Dino so let me get this right. 

We generate a business new customers an they pay us for them? 

Me: Exactly.

Cuz when you help Jessica (the realtor) sell one of her listings, she makes $8,000 in commissions. 

So Jessica, turns to you and goes, 

"I've got 4 other homes to list. Think you can find customers for these?"

And you're like, 

"No prob. Here's an invoice for $1,500.

Keep payin me that and you'll sell more homes than ever this year.

Jessica blushes.

You grin. 

Cuz that's just 1 client. 

And clients are a dime a dozen. 

Especially when we are the only ones who can help them grow their business in a crisis.

So you land another client.

And then 3 more. 

Now you have 5 clients.

And you're banking $10,000/month.

In a flash. 

Like these guys right here. 

Happens quickly. 

Cuz it's easy to get started. 

None of this "waitin for Google to rank my site BS". 

Or sunk expenses into physical goods for ecommerce.

Or razor thin margins competing on Amazon with other sellers.

Or affiliate programs slappin you fancy & cuttin' your commissions.

Our model is different. 

Our model is recession-proof!

Clients pay us up front. 

As in, before any work is done. 

Makin' this is a cash flow positive biz.

And the smartest business of the decade.

It's why we have so many reviews....

N the other guys just be talkin'.

You: Ok, Dino. 

I'm starting to dig the idea of cash flow positive business. 

You're speakin' my language.

But, what about clients.

Like, how do I get em? 

Is it hard to land clients with this virus going on? 

Smart question. 

Clever cat you are. 

Landin' clients is peasey easy.

Cuz once you learn lead gen, you're in high demand now.

Can bring any biz new customers in a recession. 

Ask the counselor, down da street, do you want more clients?

He gonna be like, "Hell yea we do."

So you're like, "I'll bring ya them. Want a demo? Can have leads to ya tomorrow."

The counselor gonna say, "Show us what you can do." 

Booyahhhhhh son!

Like everyone else...

You landed that first client fast.

And delivered big time. 

Cuz I helped ya out with the campaign.

Made sure you knocked it outta the park. 

The counselor loves ya now.

Wants to play golf on the weekend with you in a few months.

So you get a testimonial from him. 

And screenshot the results of campaign #1.

Now you have ammo.

A case study.

To impress anybody else ya talk to.

And this is where biz gets cookin'.

And you'll land more clients then ya know what to do with. 

Like Jarid here.

And Shane below.

Dude, landed 5 clients in 30 days.

A Jedi, he must be. 


Father and husband, he is. 

Normal guy. 

Just like you. 

You: Ok, Dino this is starting to sound too good to be true. 

What's the real secret here?  

I don't have time for games. 

Me:  "Good, neither do we.

Let's take a deep dive.

The secret is this....

 A fundamental understanding of the most important skillset in marketing.

That is... paid acquisition. 

In lay man terms.

When you can generate leads on demand, you're in demand!

An everythang else falls into place. 

Lets break this down. 

If you know you can spend $5 (of your client's money) and get a lead for their business....

That means.....

---> You can get leads when you want em'

---> Clients will love you

---> You can charge higher prices' (Cuz supply n demand is everything.)

---> Select which client's you work with.

---> What niches you work in. 

---> Who you work with. 

---> And when you work. 

Simple right? 

But it makes sense. 

It's why some of the largest marketing agencies pay us... to run their ads.

They need leads.... 

And don't want to wait for results. 

(Cough, cough..... SEO is too slow and unpredictable)

And it's why big clients also come to us....

Like, Timex.

The mega watch retailer.

We run their ads.... cuz they want fast leads.

But it's not just the big boys who want our service....

It's every biz owner on earth...

And mars.

And it's why our member's are saying....



You: Ok, that makes sense.

Then why are you teaching this? 

Me: "Great question. 

Been doin' it for 5 years.

Figured I'd monetize my knowledge.

Change the game.

Help others." 

You: Sounds good. 

I want to teach someday as well. 

So is this a Facebook ads course? 

Me: "Yes & no.

I call it a lead generation accelerator.

It includes advanced Facebook ads training. 

But the focus is holistically on how to grow a wildly profitable agency fast.


-- Ads
-- Funnels
-- Email Marketing
-- Text Messaging
-- Automation 

Dom, on the other hand....

He calls it a business in a box. 

You: Sweet! 

Sounds cool.

I've tried ads before though and they didn't work out. 

Me:  Ahhh yess!

Heard that a few times.

Lotta people come to us when their ads fail.

Cuz we make it dead simple.


I'll give ya: 

- The Ad Copy to use
- The Funnel to use
- The Offer to use
- The Targeting to use

In Any niche!

Just plop in front of your computer....

Drag n drop. 

Copy n paste. 

You'll be an expert over night. 

Like John (below).

Tried ads for years....

Not 1 lead.

Took several courses...

Not 1 lead.

Watched 1 of our training videos.


18 leads for $3/ pop in 48 hours.

6 new customers from those 18 leads to boot.

Not too shabby for a new guy. 

Can You Show Me in a Video How This Works? 
Sure can do. 

I'll explain everything in a short n sexy 10 minute video here.

You bring da sexy...

I'll bring the video.

Show you everything....

Including why after 8 years in the online industry; this is my go-to business model of choice.

Imagine This...
Say you apply to our program.

Talk to one of our students. 

Decide ya want to have fun & make money rather than rot on the couch in quarantine. 

Together we help ya land that first client. 

And you receive $3,000 instantly to your bank account.


Now we help you build your first lead gen campaign. 

And leads come flyin in'. 

It's only been a few days and you're ballin' out.

It's at this moment....

When you get paid from that 1st client...

That the roof will fly off the buildin'.

Your heart will race. 

Feet will tap. 

And a huge smile will creep across your face. 

Cuz you didn't even leave the house all weekend.

Will still be wearin that raggedy ole t shirt from college. 

$10 sweatpants keepin you warm.

And you did it without havin' to:

-Buy any physical products
-Build any links
-Write any content 
-Ship any goods
-Hire any employees
-Give any percentage of profits away
-Need any experience

Like, really? 

Word, bird. 

You can be shy and the world's biggest introvert. 

But if you can copy templates, ya'll gonna land clients.

And get paid for it. 

But how much time does it take me to manage a client? 

I only have about 5 hours a month to dedicate to something like this. 

You wanna get weird?

Lets do some math together.

Say you land 1 client a month. 

You'd cap out at 3 clients a month then. 

Now, I'm no Einstein.... 

But if they were small clients... 

Each payin' ya $1500/month.

That's an extra $4,500/month. 

Which will: 

-Pay a mortgage
-Future-proof your business & career
-Fund vacations
-Upgrade your car
-Impress your significant other
-Piss off your haters
-Make your neighbors jealous
-Help you sleep better
-Allow ya to be a super Santa at Christmas....
-Fund your unhealthy desire to eat a Steak every nite
-The list goes on...

Thing is. 

Once you're doing that type of cash for 5 hours of work a month....

You probably will make more time for this. 

Take it a step further

Like Jim. 

He told his boss of 20 years at the cable company he was out. 

Dropped a notice he was quitting n that he had his own business now.

And then told his son to skip university & get in with FCS.

Cuz the proof is in the puddin'. 

And the puddin' tastes good.  

So this really works? 

Can I see more reviews? 

Does a bear shit in the woods? 

Sure does. 

And sure can'

How much time ya got? 

Cuz, we have more reviews than you've ever seen.

Real reviews.

Like people cashin' checks and getting results for their clients.

Not the "feel good" , "I liked the training" , "I recommend it"... B.S. you see everywhere else. 

We'd never post one of those.

We only post result based reviews.

Fresh chicken.

The stuff you can sink your chompers into. 

See below. 

Eugene Scales to $10,000/month within 30 days. (AUS)
Susan a mom of 2 lands several clients & loves this group.
Gabriel decreases CPL by 255% within 3 days. (Singapore)
Paul is marking $110,000/month after struggling previously. (AUS)
Cory lands leads in 10 minutes for concrete contractor. (US)
Cody cuts cost per lead by 50% for insurance firm. (US)
John lands several new Ad clients at 23 years old. (US)
Jon secures over 100 leads per month for a gym. (Norway)
Chris gets a dentist 32 invisalign leads for $39 spent! (UK)
Jonathan gets 65 liposuction leads for $4.61 each (U.K).
Kris says this is the best FB ads course out of several. (US)
Sujain lands 3 clients in 7 days using our training. (Pakistan)
Jarid Buck lands 4 new clients + gets 100s of leads/month! (US)
Dom Brandon lands 6 clients + is blown away. (UK).
Edrick Hypolite gets 2 client leads on 1st day running ads 
(Virgin Island)
Jerimiah Anderson lands client $4,000 gig 1st day running ads (US)
Jerry Thompson 3rd says this is copy n paste simple. 
Paul lands several new clients + 22 leads in 10 days. (US)
Ayo Bakare lands 3 clients in 1st 3 weeks & says #1 program ever. (UK)
Chuck Scoggins gets a 10x ROI on 2nd day & was blown away by the training. (US)
Andrew lands 4 clients with $17 ad spend. (CAN)
Biljana adds $10,000 in 42 days. (Italy)
Ashley lands a $36,000 year client. (US)
Chris lands 5 clients on day 1 for his SEO agency.  (UK)
Gavin Thorne lands 10 clients in 1 day.
Wilson Tiong lands 2 clients & gets 100's of leads. (US)
Joshua Martin at age 21 goes from 12k in debt to $2,400/month. (US)
Ed Winslow adds $10k/month to his SEO agency. (US)
I've Still Got Questions Here...

Cuz, we've got answers.

Fire, at will. 

1). Who are ya exactly? 


Dino Gomez. 

2). What is this program? 

Funnel Consultant Society. 

3). How does it work? 

We bring businesses leads.

In return they pay us $1,000 -$5,000/month.

4). Why would they pay you that much? 

Cuz we make them a lot.

And ask for just a little back. 

4). How do we generate these leads? 

 Primarily using Facebook advertising. 

5). Do I need to spend money on ads? 

-Nope, the client foots the bill.

6). Why don't clients do this themselves? 

Cuz they're busy. Running a business silly. 

7). And we get paid monthly from the client?


Every 30 days. 

Unless, your ads don't deliver.

But we'll make sure they do. 

8). Why is this the best business model? 

Few words.

Cash flow & Recession Proof. 

We get paid before any work is done. 

And cuz, every month over 500,000 new business open'.

And they all need more customers.

And are happy to pay us to bring em them. 

So it's a safe business with minimal competition.

9). If this really works, why are you teaching me it? 

Been doing it for years.

Had friends requesting help.

Been asked to speak on stage about it.

Thought I might as well help others who have lost their job, been furloughed, or need to pivot their online business.

But, also cuz it makes me money.

So it's a secondary revenue stream. 

And cuz, there are millions of clients out there.

And I'd be greedy if I tried to handle them all myself.

10). So this is a course then? 

Holy ship.

Not at all. 

Courses are lame. 

You can watch Youtube videos if you want just "video content". 

This is much more. 

This is a business in a box. 

Your vehicle to freedom.

A two week notice to your boss.

And the lifestyle your family deserves. 

With that said, here's everything you'll get your hot hands on if you're accepted:
  1). 40+ Hours of step by step training in eye pleasing high-definition.
  2). Proprietary prospecting software to easily land clients (RIP competition)
  3). Agency Acquisition Funnel (So you'll have a pro website in seconds to show off to prospects)
  4). Sexy Cheat Sheets for campaign setup (so you can close your eyes and launch a lead gen campaign)
  5). Industry leading case studies (watch us run ads for Timex, Ahrefs, & all types of local businesses)
  6). 40 Plus - Done For You Niche funnels (idiot proofed - just copy and paste your way to success using our ads & funnels) 
  7). Twice weekly Accelerator calls (online screenshare calls so the coaches can take control of your mouse & literally do the work for you as necessary. BYOB.) 
  8). The Key to Outsourcing module - so you can outsource your services, do zero work, and still profit. 
  9). Inside a $10,000/day campaign - Step by step how we made a local business huge money in 24 hours.
  10). 24/7/365 access to our private Facebook mastermind group for constant support inside you business from the coaches & the tribe. Plus you'll get a daily dose of bad jokes & goofy memes. 
  11). Done For You - Email Templates (Tantalize your clients by plugging in our email automation sequences to nurture their leads ) 
  12). Access to the Lab's Mastermind Facebook group (super bonus just for our members). 
  13). Invitations to our annual and regional live meet ups. (Cuz networking, drinking, eating, & write off's for biz vacation are what we do) 
  14). And that's not all. But I don't want to ruin the surprises. 
Wild right? 

Like, RIP to our competitors tryin' to sell ya a login to some outdated training for a business model that takes a ton of capital to start. (rent and rank SEO... ecommerce... yikes)

11). So do you have any reviews? 

100's of em. 

You saw just the tip of the ice berg above. 

More to come.

12). What's this program cost? 

Well it normally ain't cheap. 

Cuz we have coaches to personally help you along the way. 

And they have families too. 

But we have payment plans & special discounted pricing for Covid-19.

Truth is.

Landing 1 client gets you an ROI.

1 tiny client....

Any investment including real estate doesn't have returns that quick.

But you gotta take it seriously.

Put your head down. 

And we'll help you win big. 

Smart investors wanted.

If that's you, apply here. 

13). What kind of expenses are involved?

All you really is a hosting, a wordpress plugin, & an autoresponder.

Few bucks a month will cover ya. 

We have discounts on these for our members. 

Compare this to having to sink $1000's into an ecommerce business or having to constantly pay month over month to an MLM company that you don't truly own. 

(Really, if BeachBody sold their business tomorrow.... how much stock do you own?) 

14). Will this business model last forever? 

Can't promise it will or I'd by lying. 

Nobody can guarantee any industry will be around a 1000 years from now. 

But in 2020 & even with the virus.... it's cookin' and will for years. 

By then you'll have the skills to adapt to what's next.  

15). But won't Facebook ads get saturated?

Probably will. 

But not for a long time in the local space. 

Everrrrrybody be focused on ecomm.

And only 4% of local businesses advertise on FB as of 2021. 


We have a long run yet.

Add in that our program is elusive.

Meaning, we update it as the market updates.

So if we need to switch tactics, will do.

Even better, FB ads are cheaper right now because of Covid-19! 

16). What If I'm tech challenged? 

Then, all the more reason you need this.

Cuz if you don't think tech is the future, you've got bigger problems.

But it's surprisingly dead simple.

If you can use a drag n drop editor....

Like the one my fiance used to build our wedding website...

Then you're golden.

Add in our coaching calls when the coaches will literally troubleshoot your issues, control the mouse on your computer screen, and do it for you... 

And you have nothing to worry about. 

This is the time to learn this stuff while you're at home anyways.

17).  How much time do I need to do this? 

You should prob re-read the part above. 

The part where 5 hours/month can get you 3 clients.

And about $4,500/month. 


Time really isn't something to worry about.

Since you can partner with other members, outsource, & still profit. 

Plus now is the time to develop a skillset that will always protect your future.

(Stock markets & real estate crashes happen... but nobody can take away your knowledge & expertise.)

18). What if I can't sell and classify as an "introvert"? 

Then what are you waiting for? 

Apply right now.

You'll fit right in. 

Cuz this isn't exactly a sports team. 

We use methods where clients come to us. 

And you can always partner with a "ninja sales member".

Basically, we got ya covered.

From all angles. 

19). So what happens next? 

Click the button at the bottom of the page.

 And schedule a call with one of our students. 

20). Is this going to be a hard close sales call?

You better believe it. 

We're going to ram this program down your throat. 

Lol, joking.

This is a casual call.  

We'll ask you some questions. 

Make sure you're interested.

See if we're the right fit. 

And if you're interested we'll introduce our special discounts available only during with this virus going on.

21). Are you positive this is the best business of 2021?

I mean if more reviews than our competitors combined doesn't prove it.....

Then not sure what will.

But in short, yes.

Here's why: 

-Recession Proof
-Faster (looking at you Google) 
-Cheaper (poor ecom guys) 
-Less tech
-Least competition 
-No income ceilings
-100% profits & no inconsistent downlines
-100% control 
-Cash flow positive (sorry affiliates & rent and rank model)
-Safest (Say no to Google algo updates)
-Laptop friendly 
-Work from anywhere
-Big payouts per 1 client
-Re-occuring income
-Walk the talk (you're probably here from ads not SEO....)
-Fulfilling (we help other business owners directly)
-Transparent (contact our members, we don't block their screenshots)
-Fun as Sh*t

22). I'm considering other programs as well. How do I know this is legit? 

Well there are a few rules to follow when buying a digital course:

#1). Never buy a course when you don't know the name of it. 

#2). Never buy if you don't know the first and last name of the instructor. 

#3). If the names of the people who left reviews are blocked out, RUN! 

If those match up, then simply reach out to 3-4 people and verify the program is still updated and working. 

Easy peasy' I like pizza cheesy. 

23). Is this working during the Coronavirus? 

You better believe it is. 

We've had dozens of members sign new clients with the "virus" going on. 

Fact is smart business owners know they can never stop marketing their business.
And right now FB ads are 50% cheaper than normal!

Tell this to a prospect and they get giddy to get started.

24). My brotha, I want in! What's next? 

Hop on a call with one of our team members. 

And remember, if Amber can land several clients while on vacation.

You'll have no trouble at all. 

A Few Samples of Testimonials During the Coronavirus!

Amber: Fired from her job. No online experience then grows to $11,000/month in 33 days.
Amber lost her job. Didn't know where to turn. Had zero experience with online marketing.

She took our call. In 33 days she is over $11,000/month. In her own words, "It's so easy to close now that I treated myself to a vacation & landed several more clients at the pool."
Apply Today, Save $2,800
But only if.....
  • You watched the overview video.
  • You read the counselor example.
  • You recognize we have more reviews than our competitors
  •  You read every frequently asked question and answer.
  •  You pinky swear you'll be on our call. 
  •  You realize this is the best investment ever.
  •  You like to have fun, are positive, want to make friends, all while making money.
P.S. It's BYOB when we get together as a team on our zoom coaching calls. 

Joking.... we don't drink on those calls. 

Well, I suppose some of our members do.
Did I mention we have more fun than anybody? 

I love this tribe. 

All types of people with all different backgrounds...

All helping each other out, growing an online business, and serving their clients. 

Somebody introduced a "corona-tini" last week.

Actually sounded delicious.  
PPS. No calls on the scheduler? 

Keep checkin' back. 

Cuz we're getting more requests than we can handle. 

And we're trying to get more students to answer these calls.

Problem is? 

They'd rather just land another client payin' em $2,000/month. 

And bill em on autopilot every 30 days. 

Can't say I blame em. 

Our fault for showing them the system.

Cuz, nobody ever got rich trading time for money. 

And our students know that. 

So they keep adding more clients. 

Bringing those businesses new customers. 

And keep building their monthly re-occuring income. 

Meanwhile they are livin' life to the fullest. 

Father-daughter dances in the living room.

Date night.

Video game parties.

Home workouts.

Planning future travels.


Our members got into this biz for the freedom. 

And they deserve all their experiences.

Crazy thing is...

Our members still get paid while they are playing video games at home.

Cuz leads are still flying in from their ads. 

Helping their clients get new customers. 

It's like a dream come true. 

And all they need is a laptop....

To keep the biz runnin' strong from anywhere. 

Then when a family friend calls and asks how the kids are and what they have been up to.....

They say, "I started a new online businesses and have been helping my clients get customers virtually."

Their friend's always respond: "Well gosh darn it. Can you do that for me?"

And they say, 

"Sure thing." 

"Fifteen hundo a month & it's a deal." 

And just like that the biz continues to EXPLODE. 

Like, compare the simplicity of this to other business models.


Network Marketing? 


Spamming your friends.

Disguised home parties. 

New legalities for commissions.

Zero control. 

No real ownership. 

Awkward pitches & discussions about downlines....

Keep it together now. 

Like, this is a surefire way to lose relationships & it doesn't work during a recession. 

So what about client SEO? 

Actually like this one a lil'.  

Not gonna sh*t on every biz model that's not mine. 

I'll be honest. 

This one adds value. 

But it's just 1000x tougher to be successful. 

Impossible to pitch. 

Cuz ain't nobody got 6 months to wait before the first lead hits. 

True story.

I lose my head if my Amazon package arrives a day late.

How are you ever going to tell a client to wait 6 months for a lead with a virus going on? 

Add in algorithm updates, & crazy animal names from Google, & a super technical process, and I'm over that one. 

What it does having going is that it makes a great up-sell after FB ads. 

That's how we use it in our agency. 

Easy to outsource too. 

I'll tell ya the providers we use, I've tested em all and know the best. 

Ecommerce, heard lot of money is there, no? 

Lies my friend. 

Revenue is there. 

Profit is not. 

All these "gurus" talking about how they made 6 figures with Shopify.... 

They forgot to tell you they actually took home 1/10 of the income in their screenshots. 

Cuz they have costs comin' out their ass. 

Expenses like: 
*Product inventory 
*Product shipping 
*Product Returns 

Meaning 3 lead gen clients will put you in front of them profit wise. 

Not to mention it's hard to get product from China right now (cough, cough)

Simple & smarter is better.

And that's how we do it. 

What about Rent N Rank SEO? 

Just barfed a lil in my mouth. 

Don't get me started. 

Would be the worst decision of em all. 

You have to: 
-Build a website
-Write content
-Build links
-Measure anchor text ratios
-Do keyword research
-Wait 6 months....

All before you site hits page 1 of search engines. 

You'll be $1000's in debt....

And you still haven't earned a dollar back yet. 

Then you have to hope you can find a client to buy leads from ya. 

And just when you do, your site drops in rankings. 

Which means your leads dry up, and you have nada to sell. 

Or Yelp takes your position on page 1. 

Or another directory site bumps you down. 

This is a hell hole of a business model. 

And to think people promote this crap using Facebook ads. 

Like, obviously they know paid ads are the smartest, fastest, safest, and most profitable way to drive traffic, leads, and customers. 

Which is why they are doin' em....

To promote their course.... which promises "SEO" is the best traffic source. 

Sad day an age we live in. 

Anybody care to walk the talk these days? 

Amazon! That must be it then!


Amazon is fantastic for buyers. 

Have a delivery come almost daily. 

Biggest time saver n da world!

Haven't graced a mall in years. 

And for that reason, watch out. 

It's competitive as hell as a seller. 

With margins shrinkin' daily. 

Bezo's competing directly with any product that catches fire. 

Ever notice Amazon's own product line?

They are cutting all the little guys trying to sell, OUT! 

Yup, a monopoly is coming here. 

Just want to save ya the hardship. 

Again, also unstable right now to add.

What about Youtube and Instagram? 
Well if you're a 24 year old female....

With fake "ya'll know what". 

Size anorexic skinny jeans.

And not afraid to whore yourself out...

Since your mom says your shirtless pic, "Looks cute". 

Then go for it. 

Lotta money for those influencers. 

If ya got the looks and lack of dignity. 

But, for everyone else, this is not a business model. 

What about coaching or consulting? 

Great business model. 

Can't dismiss this one since I'm a coach here. 

It's what I do on the side of my agency. 

But ain't nobody gonna listen to ya, unless you have skills first. 


Ain't nobody gonna find ya, unless you master Facebook ads to get your message out. 

See a trend here? 

There is fundamentally 1 skillset that crushes all others

It's runnin' ads. 

To get leads, customers, and reach a target audience quickly.

At first for your clients.

And then for yourself.  

It's why you're reading this right now. 

And why this program will set you up for life. 

And why this is no-question the best biz model.

We're gonna help you build a business fast.

One that solves a problem. 

Helps local businesses get customers.

 (think contractors, personal trainers, attorneys, gyms, real estate agents... you name it) 

They all are ready to pay you to bring them more customers. 

And we'll make sure you deliver the goods. 

Cuz we have a team of coaches, (not just me) who will work on your campaigns with you. 

Like literally take control of your computer screen on our team calls. 

(with your permission first weirdo 😂) 

Make you a rock star marketer from the get go. 

And you'll be proud. 

You'll deserve to be. 

Cuz, what you're doing counts. 

Is something you can tell your family and friends about. 

There's nothing more exciting than hearing you directly impacted a business (the owner, their employees, their customers). 

You'll be their hero. 

Unlike some of those other models....

Where you can't even explain what you do without a shiver of embarrassment. 

Any whoooo...

I'm rambling....

Been on a tear.

A.D.D kicking in perhaps....

But I know you'll love this program. 

Simply because....

This is the fastest, smartest, easiest, safest, and most long-term business model out there. 

And we've constantly redesigned it so any ordinary person who's:

-Busy AF
-Technically challenged

Can come in and crush it with us. 

So if there's no spots on our calendar available, check back. 

And if you do see a spot.... snag that sucka fast. 

Now, if you'll pardon me. 

It's almost time for a team zoom call!

I just can't get away from these.

They are the best.  


You're still here? 

Whadda want? 

To see our wall of triumph? 

Oh ya heard about that. 

Alright you asked for it. 

Don't say I didn't warn ya. 

Here ya go: 




Recouped cost in less than 1 week - Danny! (above screenshot)
Quite the little investigator aren't cha? 

In the time it took for you to read and watch these videos...

Ya'll could've had a campaign launched & been gettin' 💰

Thing is...

Now I hav' ta pass awards out.


We do this thing called, "Spin to Win". 

And every time ya land a client you get a go. 

With the chance to win all types of prizes.

Told ya we had more fun. 

We'd never just stop at zoom parties.

On the board, this week is...

Darren, Mark, Sammy, Katie, Steven, Dennis, Jacob, and Sam. 
Paul didn't want a spin...

Said this program changed his life too much as it was.

Humble, chap that one.

Paul: Struggled to make money online for 5 years. Then broke $1,000,000 in 8 months with us.
Paul Milway, a handsome 62 year old was stuck, frustrated with all the Google updates, penalties, directory sites stealing serp positions, & flaky rent n rank clients. 

Paul took the call with us. In 8 months he has done over 1 million dollars. Must be that after shave of his. Dude's on 🔥


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