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Your Host, Dino Gomez. CEO of Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc and Dynamik 365. 
Are You Struggling To Get Results Online?
Looking to Add an Extra 10k/month to your agency?
A Quick Note From Dino Gomez
If you're an entreprenuer, SEO expert, or working a 9-5 job and you want to grow your business or a side income.... this message is for you. In 2018 there is no better skillset to master than Facebook Advertising.  Simply put, there is massive void in the marketplace. 

Businesses have a Facebook page but they aren't using them correctly. In fact Facebook ripped organic reach from fan pages in 2017. Organic posts are now worthless. But here's the amazing part. Only 4% of businesses advertise on Facebook! 

Selling Facebook ads in 2018 could not be any easier. You can try to sell SEO and go through that whole conversation where you explain... results may or may not come in 6 months time. 

Or you can tell your client that by tomorrow you can put their local business in front of 50,000 customers with a $50 budget. Hmmm? Which would a client prefer?

Then you can make your pitch every easier by saying not only will you reach 50,000 local residents but you'll specifically reach their exact audience by age, gender, interests, net worth, shopping behaviors, & 100 other targeting factors. 

When you say this... clients begin to salivate. 

The case in point is that business owners need leads and more customers. When you master Facebook ads, you are in a position as a consultant or agency owner to provide those businesses that consistent lead flow they want!  

The result, is that these business owners will happily pay you handsomely, every single month, to get them new customers.
You may be thinking... there's a lot of ways to get leads online Dino. And yes, there are. The thing is organic traffic or social media marketing or cold email outreach can only get you so far. There is no predictability to those mediums. 

I understand this because I've been an agency owner for 8 years now. But it wasn't until in 2014 that we started advertising on Facebook. When we did, our revenue and profit margins skyrocketed. (this was our little kept secret)
Now, do we still provide SEO services? Yes, absolutely. But, now we are in a position to double or triple our rate because we can couple FB ads with those other services which magnifies results. Does that make sense? 

You can earn more once you position yourself to offer more value in the form of additional services.  

Now with that said, mastering Facebook ads requires proper training. You may have tried running a few ads yourself with little to no results. Let me say, it's not your fault. 

What makes Facebook ads so powerful is the 100's of targeting and placement options available to you. With so many options, beginners and even intermediate advertisers often miss the boat.

That's where Funnel Consultant Society comes in. Our Facebook ads program walks you through the winning combinations of setting up and managing Facebook ads that convert!

You don't need to guess your targeting... You don't need to be confused inside business manager. You don't need to spend hours coming up with the perfect ad copy. You won't have to design new landing pages. None of that.

Instead we provide you the training, ad copy templates, video templates, landing page templates, and support to crush Facebook ads for yourself and for your clients!

Now if having all the solutions at your fingertips sounds like a match made in heaven; then please read on to see more details about our program.

It is the newest and most updated Ads program to market and the results from our members are flying in!

The Facebook Ads Program that was Designed to Be
 Direct, Captivating, & Essential
Everything You Need to Master FB Ads Quickly....Without ... 
Long Drawn Out Videos or Outdated Strategy
Master the core elements of social media advertising on Facebook & Instagram. This foundation will bring you clients and the ability to drive results for those clients. Then progress to the stage 2. Develop the supplemental know -how to be better than 99% of advertisers online with the smallest tweaks to your campaigns.
Join A Rapidly Growing Community 
With Superior Support & Dedication 
Every question answered in a timely fashion. 
$997 Value
Client Attraction Secrets & Automation Mastery
Never worry about how to attract new clients to your business. Our Client Attraction Secrets are So successful amongst our members we added In a second bonus. That is, Automation Mastery. The Automation Module demonstrates how our agency handles handful of clients simultaneously.
Bonus #3: 
$997 Value.
Follow Carefully Crafted & Well-Designed Cheat Sheets 
For Smooth & Flawless Campaign Setup 
Each guide includes screenshots and directional arrows walking you through the process of setup. With these timeless guides, you'll never need to rewatch a video. Pass cheat sheets off to a virtual assistant or employee to grow even faster. 
Perfect The Core Principles of Any Successful Ad Campaign
Launch Spellbinding Ads That Captivate Your Audience 
The Ultimate Facebook Ad Campaign Can Be Broken Down Into 3 Elements:
Bonus #4
$997 Value
The Ultimate Client Acquisition Funnel 
Mesmerize Your Prospects With Our Client Acquisition Funnel & 
Have Them Psychologically Pre-sold on your Services & Expertise.
The exact funnel that our client member, Andrew Mcburney used to collect 10 leads and 3 new clients with $17 in ad spend. The funnel pictured below is blurred out for member protection is quite different in flow otherwise. 
Bonus #5
$997 Value
The Viral Facebook Ads Module
A Technique that will make your Facebook Ads go mini-viral. We've coined this strategy, Facebook ad stacking, and this tactic alone will cut your cost per lead in half.
An efficient and easy to follow tactic that will instantly boost the performance of your campaign. FB ad stacking is how some ads online end up with 100's or 1000's of comments, likes, and shares. Checkout the social engagement on ads from our campaigns below. 
(inside member's area ads are not blocked out)
Bonus #6
$995 Value
Brilliant & Private Member's Only Facebook Group
Clearance to Join 6 and 7 Figure Funnel Consultants on the inside of our tribe's Facebook group for the type of support that can make or break your campaign's success. 
When you have a question, our support is standing by. Masterminds charge $10,000+ for the ability to have this type of access. 
Bonus #7
$995 Value
Future Proofing Facebook Ads into 2019
Coming This May, 2018.
Dino's done it again. With the invention of new type of Facebook ad the market craves. This technique has been under testing in our FB Ad's Lab for the last 6 months. And it works regardless of niche. Side note, it's not chat bots.
Enrollment is open currently. 
Funnel Consultant Society Is Not For Everyone.
You've heard before, never take on a client who is not right for you. We believe the same. Because of the level of support we offer our client members you should fit into one of the following categories. 
  •  SEO Expert - Clients want leads. Not rankings. FB ads generate instant leads while your SEO builds. A perfect up-sell.
  •  Aspiring Entreprenuer - Advertising produces more 7-8 figure entreprenuers than anything else. FB ads are the most sought after skillset to master.
  • Social Media Professional -  Organic postings can only get you so much reach. Stop boosting posts & get true reach & results with ads instead.
  •  SAAS Owner/ Employee - Generate new users for your SAAS & re-occuring cash flow. Or reach more affiliates faster.
  •  Business Coach - FB ads stand to produce high profit margins for your high ticket offers.
  •  Marketing Nomad - Clients want funnels & ads in 2018. Instant lead production means less emails while you're traveling.
  •  Email Marketer - You've already mastered the followup & are a copy master. Now build your lists even bigger.
This is Not For You If You Want...
  • Ecomm Expertise: Our tactics can work wonders with Ecomm. But there are other more Ecomm specific programs that may be better suited for you. 
  • MLM Lead Gen: We're just not into this. There won't be any trainings on leads for MLM reps. 
  •  Get Rich Quick Schemes: Our program has produced many 6 figure earners quickly. But we aren't going to advertise it will happen overnight for just anyone. 
The Newest Program to Market 
With The Highest % of Positive Reviews
Here's what our client member's have willingly reported:
Andrew landed 4 clients with $17 ad spend!
Andrew had no previous Facebook Advertising Experience.
Shujain landed 3 clients in his first 7 days from Pakistan!
Shujain followed our templates and had immediate success.
Eugene scaled to $10,000/month in 30 days in the wedding niche!
Most importantly he is getting his clients 100's of leads per month!
Gabriel sold 3 high ticket real estate investment deals 
He had spent over 100k on Facebook ads prior to joining and cut his cost per lead in half!
Cody West cuts the cost per lead in half for a Large Insurance Agency Client
Cody is an SEO expert and this was his first run at Facebook ads. 
"Funnel Consultant Society is Exquisite & Savvy Even for a Beginner with No Experience."
82% of our members have zero previous Facebook ad experience. Here are the reviews they have forwardly submitted to us.  
Enrollment is open currently. 
A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This program was designed from top to bottom to get our client member's results. Our program pricing was even set based on helping our members achieve a minimum ROI of 6x+ in their first year. If you don't get results following the methods taught in this course, we will refund your money 100%! You MUST however submit your homework and show us you gave an effort. You must have signed up for a consultation call. View our full refund policy here.
Bonus #8
$595 Value
Video Marketing Secrets
Discover how to produce brilliant video ads in as little as 7 minutes that will cut your cost per lead in half & distinguish you from your competition. 
Facebook has directly stated they prefer video over static images. See how easy & affordable it is to create sticky video ads that lure your target audience to react to your offer.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Funnel Consultant Society for a beginner/Intermediate?
Yes! Funnel Consultant Society was designed to be simple and direct. With action guides, cheat sheets, and checklists; it is very easy for anyone to follow along regardless of experience level and get results. 
Is this program updated?
Yes! We update this program regularly including the mind maps and step by step guides. When something changes we re-shoot videos so nothing is outdated but also so the program doesn't become bloated with 100's of videos. 
Can I take this program with a business partner?
Yes! But you will need to contact support to have multiple individuals added to our private Facebook group. You'll need to provide clear evidence that this is indeed a business parter inside 1 company. 
Do I get immediate access?
Yes! As soon as you hit go, you will have instant access to all training modules & will be approved inside our client member Facebook group. 
Is there anything else I have to purchase?
No. There are no up-sells and you do not need additional purchases. We recommend 3rd party softwares & tools but they are not necessary.
Bonus #9
$595 Value
Form Fitting Funnel Consultant t-shirt
When you join, you become part of the tribe & to demonstrate our dedication to your success & growing our community we'll ship you a t-shirt, FREE. 
Women's T Shirts. 
Men's T Shirts. 
Join Funnel Consultants From 
All Over The World
Reach out to our support team with any pre-enrollment questions. Or, you can chat with any of our current client members. They'll tell you about their results.  
Get Started Right Now. 
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